This Is How One Pakistani Is Fighting Climate Change On His Bike

Climate Change
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There has been a lot of talk lately about the climate change and the environmental problems of today’s world. Many movements and awareness campaigns have been held but people still seem to take it lightly. Amidst all this, one Pakistani man has taken it upon himself to rid our tourist destinations off of the heaps of junk and garbage.

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One aspect of life which us humans excel at, is ruining things and obviously, the tourist spots were not spared.

In the past couple of years, the Pakistani tourism industry reinvigorated itself but with this boom, came the problem of littering. People like us travel to these destinations and leave our trash behind. The once beautiful locales are now filled with garbage of all sorts. All of us complain about it but none of us are willing to take any action to rectify the situation.

But one man has had enough of seeing his beautiful country being ruined like that.

In 2019, Saifullah Kashmiri went on a one-man mission to rid the nation of its garbage and to raise awareness among the public about the environmental issues. Kashmiri, on his decorated bike, went to Khunjerab Pass, hoisting the Pakistani flag. He went there alone and collected the garbage thrown by people like us.

Naming his trip ‘Clean Pakistan, Green Pakistan’, Saifullah went from the extreme North to the extreme South of the country.

On his trip from Khunjerab to Karachi, he stopped at various cities and collected junk from major tourist attractions along the way. This venture was followed by visits to Quetta and Gwadar, where he continued his mission.

As for the ‘Green Pakistan’, Saifullah has planted more than 30,000 trees in Smahi, Kashmir.

Along with the help of local authorities, this vigilante is responsible for the plantation of 30,000+ trees. Not only in Kashmir, all the cities that Saifullah visits on his tour, he plants trees and plants, playing his part in preserving the environment.

Saifullah wants the government of Pakistan to implement new laws in order to tackle the issue of climate change.

Saifullah has suggested that for every new student admitted in the school, the administration should plant a tree in his/her name. He proposed that for 8 Kanal of unused land, 20 trees must be planted. He also urged the government officials to take strict action against those who cut down forests.

There would be no need for people like Saifullah Kashmiri if we would all just do our duties as a responsible citizen. Saifullah is the embodiment of how a rational Pakistani should act and all of us should strive to be more like him.