These 12 Foods Containing iTFAs Are Killing You Slowly!

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We all share our love for food and have our own versions of what comfort through food looks like.

But do you know our diet is full of industrially produced trans-fats (iTFAs) and dude(!) that’s pure poison!

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The consumption of trans-fats is eating away on our health and is associated with multiple health risks for us.

Recognizing the harmful impact of iTFAs, WHO emphasized the need for iTFA regulations and proposed that they should be in place by 2023.

As is apparent, Pakistan clearly missed the deadline and is struggling to achieve this mandate by the mid of 2024.

Thankfully, several organizations in Pakistan are already working with the government to ensure that – sooner rather than later – every food item across the country becomes iTFA-free!

Demonstration A: Check out the TRANSFORM Pakistan campaign! 👇🏽

What Are Trans Fats And Why Should Pakistan Regulate Them

1. Pastas

foods containing iTFAs

We all love pastas and having a cheesy dinner with our loved ones. But do you know that pastas, enjoyed by both young and old, is marked as unregulated in terms of iTFA content in Pakistan.

2. Chocolates

Dark Chocolate / foods containing iTFAs
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Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth for chocolates? We all do, right! But we must realize that the iTFA content in dairy products is the highest in Pakistan.

3. Ice-creams

icecream / foods containing iTFAs
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Treating our kids is a routine thing for most of us. But what about their precious health? Unknowingly, we are treating them with silent killers.

4. Cheese

Swiss Cheese
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How about starting your day with a cheesy omelet or having a cheesy burger for lunch? As delicious as that sounds, it’s worth noting that the cheese we love is packed with high levels of iTFAs.  

5. Margarine

foods containing iTFAs

No breakfast is quite complete without a delicious toast spread with margarine. But, ever thought about the not-so-welcome guests in that spread? Trans fatty acids might be sneakily draining our energy instead of giving us the boost we need for a great day ahead.  

6. Cereals

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Our breakfast preferences have evolved, and cereals are now a common go-to. However, the problem is that these industrially produced delights also come loaded with high levels of iTFAs.

7. Chips and Packed Snacks

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A quick snack between meals or a pack of chips while you watch your favorite show—sounds like a perfect moment, right? Well, hold on a sec! While you’re savoring those leisurely moments, you’re also treating your body to some not-so-friendly free poison.

8. Jalebi

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A hot evening tea with side of hot jalebis on a rainy day – absolute comfort food for so many of us. Unfortunately, jalebis are also high in iTFA content.

9. Samosas and Pakoras

foods containing iTFAs

University or college canteen’s samosas and pakoras are the fondest memory for many of us, but alas! Their consumption is also slowly killing us.

10. Cookies, Cakes and Pastries

home-based bakeries Pakistan / foods containing iTFAs
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Who doesn’t want to celebrate a joyous moment with some sweet treats? Whether it’s a birthday or a graduation event, cake is a must-have. However, the not-so-sweet reality is that dairy products in bakery goodies often come with heavy levels of iTFAs, putting our health at risk. It’s like cutting our life short while we cut into that birthday cake.

11. Edible Oils

oil / foods containing iTFAs
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Pakistani cuisine is renowned for its delectable flavors. But let’s get real—those mouthwatering dishes, cooked in various oils, are they really healthy? Unfortunately, not so much. They happen to be a major source of iTFA in our country.

12. Street Food

foods containing iTFAs

Pakistan also has a diverse street food which range from salty savors to sweet ones. It’s the go-to option for many of us in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. However, here’s the issue: street food, despite its tempting flavors, is also a high-risk contender for our health, packing in those sneaky high levels of iTFAs.

Demand Regulation!

None of us want to say goodbye to our loved ones or our favorite foods. What we can do is demand iTFA regulation from the government. You can have your voice heard by signing the TRANSFORM Pakistan petition demanding immediate and mandatory governmental regulation on iTFA across all foods in Pakistan!

Pakistan misses global deadline to regulate trans fats across all foods