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About us

You want to learn about Bolo Jawan?

Bolo Jawan is a citizen-led viral blog striving to tell Pakistan’s story like never narrated before!

Contributors to the website provide our readers with their views, ideas, and the stories that shape their lives. Additionally, Bolo Jawan also serves as a place for tapping into the latest off beat news related to Pakistan. The website also offers reviews, tutorials and DIY guidelines from subject matter experts.

If you want to contribute to the website, see our contributors’ guidelines from our Contribution Policy page. We also provide our contributors with a Contributor’s Account so they can directly provide our editors with their latest posts for review.

If you want to contact our team directly, you can refer to our Contact Us page.

Meet our dedicated

Showcase Team

Areebah Shahid

Editor in chief

Apologetic idealist. Believer of miracles. Movie buff. Mom | Executive Director @PYCAPk. Founder @BoloJawan

Hassan Mukhtar

Operations and HR

Travelling, exploring new places, gaming is my kind of things. I like helping people discover efficient solutions to their problems. I like spending more time on computer exploring new technologies and learning new computer languages.

Sidra Aslam

Content Writer

Media Graduate trying to make it work digitally, influencer life on Instagram love for 90's music never going away, tweets @sidrarare_

Afshar Iqbal


The author is Islamabad based and his areas of interest include religion, sports, entrepreneurship, advocacy, psychology, media and communications. He blogs at [email protected] and tweets at @AfsharIqbal

Hamnah Asif

Content Writer

Media grad lost in the world of imagination.

Hisham Khan

Content Writer

The author is a development practitioner based in Islamabad. He blogs at [email protected] and tweets @hishamkhan82