WHOA, 4-Year-Old, Arish Fatima Breaks World Record, Becomes The Youngest Microsoft Professional!

Arish Fatima
Image Source: Gulf Today/The Tribune

Arish Fatima is one genius kid, and when I say this, I actually mean it. Fatima is a 4-year-old kid from Karachi who recently made a world record by securing 831 marks in the Microsoft Certified Professional exam.

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So young and so smart already!


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This little girl has made Pakistan proud by doing something so extraordinary at the tender age of four only! The minimum marks for clearing the MCP exam are 700, but Arish Fatima scored a brilliant 831 in it.

During an interview with a news media outlet, the four-year-old shared that she wanted to be remembered forever. And also wants to join the army once she grows up.

Fatima has taken after her father in her expertise in IT. Her father, Osama, is also an IT expert and has accomplished a similar milestone as well.

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While working from home during the lockdown, Osama figured out his daughter’s inclination towards IT, so he helped her prepare for the exam.

He also feels that his daughter will go places with her knowledge and skills.

She is extremely capable and has extraordinary abilities, Osama said.

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