Pakistani Cab Driver In Dubai Is Winning Praise For Returning Indian Girl’s Wallet

pakistani cab driver indian girl
Source: Gulf News

Modassar Khadim, a Pakistani cab driver in Dubai, appeared to be knight in shining armour for Indian girl, Raechel Rose, who forgot her wallet in his taxi.

Now, it was not just about money, but most important of all it had her UK student visa. Other than that it also contained her Emirates ID, UAE driving license and health insurance card.

Now, it gets pretty intense when all your documents are lost and that too in a foreign country.


And well, you might be thinking that she just needed to track her ride/car to get it back. But, no, it wasn’t that simple.

Raechel Rose got into Modassar’s taxi but just then she saw her friends in another car and decided to join them. Since the journey had not started, the driver had not started the meter. Hence, it was difficult to trace the driver through the RTA call centre

Modassar Khadim realised that he had someone’s wallet in his car two rides later and he immediately called RTA centre around 10pm. He was told that he’d be contacted by another department so he decided t report it to the police.

He told Gulf News, “When I reached the police station, I met another taxi driver who advised me to try to get the girl’s number and give it as the procedures might take a long time.”

And when he tried to get access to her number using her Emirates ID and insurance card number, the privacy policies of the companies came in the way.

He finally received a call from RTA centre at 3:30am, confirming the details that matched Raechel’s complain. He said,

“Finally, the RTA call centre called me back when I was finishing my duty at 3.30am and verified the details that matched with their complaint. I was given their number following which I went to their house to drop the wallet.”

He further said that the father of the Indian girl was so happy that he handed him Dh600.

“I refused to take it saying she is like my younger sister. But he insisted that I take it.”

People are applauding the Pakistani cab driver for going out of his way to return Indian girl’s wallet.

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While sharing his own experience, this guy said he always gets a discount from Pakistani cab drivers.

Indeed, good humans are everywhere!

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