A Student From Khanewal Builds A Car From A Motorcycle & What An Idea!

Khanewal student makes car from motorcycle
Image Source: ProPakistani

A Matriculation student from Khanewal recently succeeded in building a car out of an old motorcycle engine and some used auto parts. This news was first reported by Urdu Point.

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This young kid managed everything from planning to execution on his own. “I began by sketching out how I wanted my automobile to look; I then built a small prototype based on the model designed,” the car’s inventor said. “I kept adding automotive parts and kept developing it until it was completely functional,” he further added.

Speaking about the inspiration behind this genius creation, the Khanewal student detailed that he would often see his friends driving around in their cars, but he was unable to have one due to financial constraints. So, he was like why not make one for himself and create something so brilliant that he can be proud of in years to come.

Khanewal students makes a car from a motorcycle
Image Source: Startup Pakistan

The student’s father completely supported his idea and pushed him to get the car to completion. He even arranged the spare parts from an old vehicle to get his son’s car moving. The boy then put his creative element into the car and hence, was able to build a vehicle on his own.

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Ever since he’s made the car, people of his village now call him an ‘engineer’ and his invention ‘the baby car.’

The car’s engine can move at a speed of around 25 km/h, making it more suitable for carrying big items rather than being utilized just for transportation, a report revealed.

The Khanewal student exclaimed that he won’t sell his creation for even Rs. 1 million because it’s his own. He encouraged other students to come up with their creations saying that if he can fulfill this accomplishment, other skilled students from Pakistan ought to step up and work on their dreams as well.

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