These Hilarious “Me As A Lawyer” Tweets Are All You Need To Drive Your Monday Blues Away!

me as lawyer tweets urwa hocane

We are all lawyers in our lives, defending our cases against our parents, our families, our teachers and our bosses all the time! But these criminally hilarious “me as a lawyer” tweets will make you a pro at defending yourself!

Here are 14 “me as a lawyer” tweets for you to get started!

1. Yes, my all time winning argument against siblings since childhood!

2. How our moms catch us lying!

3. Ahh.. let’s talk about food first!

4. Ain’t got that time!

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5. No one can beat my confidence!

6. That’s how we check character these days!

7. The best winning strategy!

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8. Yeah, why waste that much time?!

9. Trust me it works! Got through my school life using the “Yeh meiny nahi kiya” mantra!

10. The modern day reality check!

11. *starts crying*

12. Why is nobody paying attention?

13. Yeah, my impatient soul asking midway to finalise the master plan!

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14. As simple as that!

15. Meanwhile, the wannabe lawyers:

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