Business Intelligence Reaches The Heart Of Balochistan

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Though nowadays almost every big business around the globe has taken advantage of E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Business Intelligence. But this does not denounce the fact that only corporate giants or multinational business entities can benefit from these technology services.

Balochistan, one of Pakistan’s four provinces known for its apple orchards, cherry farms and grape yards. It’s capital Quetta, famous for its bazaars and market places where people from all over the province and remote regions come for purchase of goods and other business trades. Inside this vast network of Quetta’s bazaar, we would find Hassan Zarai Markaz (HZM), a prominent agricultural product’s supplier and consultancy services.

HZM had a very busy fiscal year and so now they have to run over their agricultural supplies and production volumes of their line pesticides for the next year. The management has to sit down and spend almost a week to estimate their current year’s production volumes. The estimates are error-prone too. With that going on the management also has to look for a way to place bulk orders for other supplies, as they don’t want to overdo the order and have leftovers but also want to avoid the habit of placing small orders throughout the year which is not very cost-effective.

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It is not long that HZM will have technology at their rescue. But first, let’s clear the ground that they possess little to no IT Infrastructure. HZM consulted with Absoluit for their business problem-solving and potential benefits for the future.

Within a few days, Absoluit started data collection and digital transformation in place with mutual consent. Absoluit took advantage of Business Intelligence tools for Hassan Zarai Markaz to optimize its campaign for pesticide production volumes and the outcomes also made HZM management confident to place the next order of agricultural machinery in bulk accordingly, making it a cost-effective decision for the next fiscal year. The tasks which took hours and days are not a matter of minutes with the help of technology.

Not only was Hassan Zarai Markaz able to move a step up from conventional record-keeping methods, but was also able to save time and make key decisions using this data-driven approach. The HZM also has set an example for everyone, that every small to medium-scale business can leverage Business intelligence and other data-driven technologies. With Absoluit side by side giving the notion that state of the art technology is not limited for corporate or conglomerates only.