Are You Normal Or Not? These 21 Tweets Will Help You Figure Out!

are you normal tweets hania amir

Twttersphere has a new meme circulating in which people share day to day life experiences and you just have to see for yourself how many things we have common with absolutely random people!

Here are 21 “or are you normal” tweets to test how normal you actually are!

1. My whole life’s work owes to these keys!

2. Why else do you think I put them up?!

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3. Because it takes years to plan the interior of your dream house!

4. Bhai technology ka zamana hy!

5. Alhumdulillah!

6. Yeah, I’ve not spent a huge amount on this tech book for no reason!

7. We all have trust issues!

8. And a spray bottle of Dettol!

9. 3 times is normal dude! Talk about 3×3333333 times!

10. They are in direct contact with my parents!

11. Girl, you don’t talk about secrets in public!

12. Denim or fleece? Black or Blue? Floral or simple?


13. Yeah, got a very busy life!

14. You don’t even have to get up to confirm!

15.Quarantine has exposed us all!

16. It gets to me like that!

17. Ain’t got the money to spend on journals!

18. I don’t waste my memory on such things!

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19. Why is it so? WHY?

20. It’s so much FUN!

21. Nah, I’m fine with being normal!


So, are you normal or not? Tell us in the comments!