STOP Pakistan From Heading Towards A Major Environmental Catastrophe!

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Global warming and an alarming decrease in the ground water level. This is an issue which doesn’t seem to be of major interest to our government and the ruling elite right now even though it is fast becoming one of the major reasons for a national catastrophe.

Recent reports state that Pakistan will soon find itself in trouble because of water shortage, extremely high temperatures and increase in the salt water at its coastal areas. To add to Pakistan’s water woes, a few days ago it was reported that Mangla and Tarbela dams have hit dead level. If two major dams of the country hitting dead level isn’t alarming then I’m not sure what is?

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With the water level in the ground dropping, the temperature across the country rising, the winter season shrinking, decreasing rainfall, increasing pollution and the ruling elite not being bothered, what can we do?

Well, actually – quite a lot! If we all just follow these four tips, we can contribute towards making a huge difference and save Pakistan from the impending environmental catastrophe.

Tree Plantation

Plant Trees to slow down global warming

We have discussed planting trees in the past while on the subject of global warming and it comes up again as a very productive and effective tool. We believe it’s time that we should take planting trees seriously and must understand that a little contribution can make a lot of difference.

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If each person takes the responsibility of planting and nurturing one tree imagine the global outcome! So, plant a tree and own it, dedicate your time to look after it and make it grow to its full strength.

Ask your family members, friends and even people randomly to do the same and we can have a massive campaign on tree plantation which will definitely benefit us and our coming generations.

Use Water Wisely

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When we know that we are running short on water then why not use it wisely?

Right now, since the water supply is sufficient we don’t really care about the way we are spending it. We spend a handsome amount of drinking water on washing our vehicles or just keep the taps running knowing the water supply will come in on the same day or the day after but please, think about the time when you might not have water available even to drink, let alone for washing cars! What will we do then? It’s best to understand the value of water and minimize its wastage as much as we can.

Contribute in Reducing Pollution

Join hands to save the world from environmental catastrophe
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Environmental pollution is one of the major reasons for rising temperatures and respiratory related health issues. Gases going in the atmosphere from the factories, vehicle emissions, excessive use of plastic materials etc. are all contributing towards destroying our planet.

As responsible citizens, we need to ensure that the vehicles we use are properly and timely tuned so that the gas emissions do not harm our environment.

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At the same time we need to be very careful about the products that we use in our daily lives and especially avoid the use of products coming in plastic packaging.

As far as the issue of industrial pollution is concerned, we need to raise our voices to the concerned authorities to control and keep a strong check and balance on the industrial emissions to minimize environmental pollution.

Spread the Word
spread the word
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Knowledge is best used when it is transferred to others. A few thousand people can’t fight the impending environmental catastrophe on their own. We urgently need to start spreading the message to our communities.

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Social media is an excellent tool to send your message across to a larger audience. Start using your social media accounts to create awareness and make more and more people join in on the cause. Because, we can only fight the problem heading our way when the whole nation is standing at the front line ready to make a change, for ourselves and for our coming generations.  

Everyone deserves a healthy living environment, let’s all join hands and start building a better Pakistan!