A Good-bye Note From An Imran Series Fan For Mazhar Kaleem

Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series

Mazhar Kaleem, author of the famous fictional spy novel, Imran Series is unfortunately no longer with us.  He passed away on the 26th of May at the age of 76 after a long illness.

For the people who are deeply into reading Urdu novels, his departure is indeed a big loss.

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Mazhar Kaleem gained a huge fan-base from Imran Series, however he was not the creator of the series. The first book in the Imran Series universe was published somewhere in the mid 50’s by Ibn-e-Safi. Mazhar Kaleem, we can say continued the legacy.

Since, we don’t know much about the life of Mazhar Kaleem, we can take this opportunity to talk about his contribution to Imran Series and Urdu literature.

What was Imran Series, You Ask?

So, we all know James Bond, right? The super spy from the United Kingdom?

Well, if you read Imran Series, I promise that you will completely forget James Bond or any super spy from the west!

Black Agents - Imran Series

Ali Imran is the main character of the series. He is highly intelligent and good looking, holds M.Sc. and PhD. degrees in Chemistry from Oxford University. He has unmatched skills in martial arts and shooting; he is very tech savvy and his knowledge on the changing and newly introduced technologies is exceptional.

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Imran conceals his true identity by pretending to be a jester who is rarely in a serious mood. He wears multi-colored clothes and acts really silly in public. However, out in the world of spies, he is a force to reckon with; even agencies from USA, UK and other powerful countries don’t want to mess with him!

What was Mazhar Kaleem’s Contribution to Imran Series?

Mazhar Kaleem was way ahead of time in his novels. The technologies and scientific theories he would talk about would just go above the reader’s head because they were so complex but at the same time it would all somehow make perfect sense thanks to his narration.

Mazhar Kaleem

Then there was of course the unparalleled humor. Mazhar Kaleem knew how to make the reader laugh and he ensured that each novel began with abundant comedy; allowing the story to organically build towards high-octane action.

Mazhar Kaleem’s Demise Feels Like a Personal Loss

I grew up reading Imran Series. It used to be my fix, back in the days. Mazhar Kaleem’s contribution to the Urdu series will always, always be respected and cherished by me and others like me.

Thank you, Sir!

May Allah bless your soul!