This Camel Library In Balochistan Is Distributing Free Books Among Children & Wow!

Camel Library Balochistan
Source: MM News TV

An NGO, Alif Laila Book Bus Society has started a unique camel mobile library in the Turbat district of Balochistan that goes door-to-door in the Mand area to encourage children to study.

The camel library is not only instilling the love of reading in children but also distributing free books among the underprivileged children in Balochistan.

Syeda Basharat Kazmi, one of the organizers of the library, claims that this is the first library of its kind built on camels in Pakistan and is very popular in the area as children of all ages are benefiting from it.

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This is a really great initiative as after the COVID19 pandemic break, parents are either not willing or do not have resources to send their children back to school.

In topographically hilly terrains in Balochistan province, the population density per kilometer is often very low. This results in schools being located far apart from the residences of the students, thus discouraging parents from sending their daughters to school.

Hence, the library is a brilliant effort to promote the importance of education in the province.

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