Ushna Shah Says It All In Iffat Omar’s Show

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Ushna Shah got really talking Iffat Omar on Say It All and discussed everything ranging from mental health, her newfound celebrity, social media and the tribulations of acting.

Since Ushna is often in the news for her controversial tweets, it only made sense for the host probe about them.

On her part Ushna maintained how important issues were always ignored and instead, her words are often misconstrued and made into headlines. “I’m a human being and should be able to express without it turning into something malicious, which is completely out of context,” complained the Balaa actress.

From Lashkara to Balaa Ushna has come a long way in a few years and wants greater recognition for her work than her social media interactions. 

In her own words, the actress loves her job but also wants to use her celebrity to speak-up about important issues. Protecting young girls from cyber-bullying, animal rights and all-encompassing kindness are causes close to her heart.

Ushna Shah

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Ushna prioritizes the concept of mental health, especially as a celebrity in Pakistan.

While discussing the topic with Iffat, she made her stance clear on how despite being a strong woman in the industry and a feminist, anything she says is scrutinized, even when the intent is good.

Empowering women in our country by promoting other female colleagues, being curious about historic shows, wanting to create a better world for animals, Ushna believes she is doing her bit to make the world a better place.

Ushna Shah

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Posting about her appearance on the show, Ushna wrote,

“In this episode of #sayitallwithiffatomar I have forsaken the dignity a celebrity must maintain and clarified/responded to each tweet/thought that was misquoted, misconstrued, or over-exaggerated and bothered the world so much. I’ve answered all the burning questions that have propelled hundreds of headlines. From your pizzas to your singers. I will speak on these no further. I have answered all ‘controversies’ for now and for the future (so refer back to it the next time you’re curious).”

The show offered a rare glimpse into the actress’s life and would definitely appeal to those fans who are curious to know about Ushna firsthand.

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