10 Phone Hacks Everyone Should Know To Live Smarter

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Source: Celebrity Central

The more cellphones are becoming smarter, the more they are becoming a nuisance. The biggest problem is to get the best out of the battery life without compromising the performance. Then there are issues of phone’s memory, how to prevent the earphones and charging cable from breaking while playing games on the phone. But thanks to some of the tech gurus for providing us with the phone hacks to make our experiences better.

Here are 10 phone hacks that you should know to make your life easy!

1. Battery Life

Make your life easy by learning these hacks and tips to get the best out of your phone’s battery.

2. Gaming Steering Wheel

Here is a simple and easy idea to make your own steering wheel for the phone.

3. Tablet/Phone Stand

This tutorial to make a cool stand for all sizes of phones and tablets would do wonders for you. How good it looks will depend on your cutting skills.  

4. Speed up your phone

We can’t always have the latest phones so use these tips to make your phone’s performance better.

5. Photography in pro camera mode

Have a pro mode in your phone but don’t know how to use to take excellent pictures? This video should give you all the answers and would let you snap like a pro.

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6. Phone Covers

A phone is more about how it looks than it performs for some people. Try these easy and cool DIY phone cover ideas.

7. iPhone hidden features

For all iPhone users, watch these hacks and you will know that your phone does a lot more than you know.

8. Protect charging cables

Fast charging cables are quite expensive these days especially if you have an iPhone. These 3 hacks will help you protect the cables from breaking.

9. PUBG Controller

Almost everyone plays PUBG and the multiplayer game requires a lot of attention and multiple touches on screen. You can make a controller to play like a pro.

10. Things you are doing wrong

Finally, if you are doing these 4 things while using your phone then that’s the reason your phone is running slow or having problems.

Do you know any phone hacks that make your mobile experience better? Share them in the comments below!