This ERRA Circular Predicting An Earthquake Is Creating Some Major Panic!

Warning of earthquake in Indian Ocean
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A circular (assumed to be) issued by Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) has been doing rounds on social media since morning.

The circular states that the likelihood of a large scale earthquake in the Indian Ocean in the near future has been detected.

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If such a quake takes place, the circular warns it would affect a major part of the Asian continent including Pakistan.

The circular as found on various social media websites is given in the below image.

ERRA circular on earthquake

As seen in the circular, ERRA’s Rehabilitation Wing has also put together a three-member team to develop Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) to deal with this unsettling news. Given the seriousness of the threat, the SOPs will be developed and shared with the (Acting) Chairperson of ERRA by Monday, 6th NOvember 2017.

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It seems Pakistan government is not the only entity that’s taking steps to deal with a possible catastrophe.

A similar letter has also been issued by a research institute in India. This letter (as seen below) is directed to the Indian Prime Minister, bringing his attention to the possibility of a large scale earthquake in the Indian Ocean.

circular earthquake

The letter states that an earthquake (triggering a Tsunami) is expected to hit the Indian Ocean before 31st December 2017.

As per this letter, 11 countries, including India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are likely to be affected.

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As frightening as this piece of news is there is no time to panic. It is absolutely imperative that in the small window of available time, the Government of Pakistan takes all possible measures to avert colossal loss of human life.

It would perhaps be best for the governments of the countries that are likely to be affected by this predicted catastrophe hold a joint emergency meeting to devise a course of action.

Inputs from more technologically advanced countries such as Japan and China will also prove helpful for other nations who have neither dealt with a Tsunami in the past nor do they have the necessary capacity to fight such a huge calamity with its own resources.

Stay safe Asia!


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