Do You Know About These 3 Things That Annoy Isloo-ites?

things that annoy Isloo-ites

Unlike a lot of other people who have settled in the capital of Pakistan from other parts of the country, I am somebody who has lived in Islamabad from the word go. Over the years I have rented residential facilities in nearly every sector of the city and hence, have had this unique opportunity of getting to know people from different ethnic groups.

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For most part I have had a good time dealing with people in different neighborhoods of the capital still, there are times you end up surrounded by neighbors who to keep things simple are just not the kind of individuals you want to be with.

So, if you too are looking to settle or are new to Islamabad then here is a list of certain behaviors you MUST avoid so that you don’t end up offending others around you.

1. Neighbors Who Make A lot of Noise
Noisy neighbours
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Whether you like it or not, it is important for you to understand that Isloo-ites value peace and hence, don’t mind silence. Expect one of the residents to get rude just in case you end up making more noise (on a regular basis) than what is audible to people outside of your living space.

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2. Neighbors Who Keep Wasting Water
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Islamabad has always had issues owing to water scarcity. Therefore, people who have lived here for long understand what the cost of purchasing water through tanker services is and what a day without water feels like.

Thus, expect trouble if you are in the habit of forgetting to switch off your water motor once it has been turned on particularly, if you are sharing a portion with someone who has been in the city for somewhere around a decade.

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3. Neighbors Who Keep Visiting Your Home
intrusive neighbours
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Just like peace and silence, Isloo-ites also value their privacy. Since, people in the city normally pay a visit to one another’s place only during important events or festivals; expect them to get offended if you are the sort who is in the habit of visiting their neighbors regularly.

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