#WeMetOnTwitter Is Trending On The Bird App & Singles Aren’t Having It!

Image Source: Twitter Screengrab Ibtehaj/Iqra

A day before Valentine’s Day, in 2018, Twitter started a hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter, asking users to chronicle their love stories, business partnerships or other friendship stories that blossomed on the microblogging site.

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The hashtag has resurfaced on Twitter, three years later, almost a month before Valentine’s Day, where people are sharing their stories of how they met on Twitter and how it all got so deep and serious that they ended up getting hitched.

Taking #WeMetOnTwitter to the next level!

But this time around, the Singles fraternity has just had enough and in retaliation they’ve come up with their own jokes for the trend!

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Here are some of the most hilarious ones.

1. Twitter to single people at the moment! LOL XD


2. Singles leaving Twitter immediately after seeing the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter trend!

3. Singles have feelings too! Yeh kia ziyadti hai, bhayi?

4. Singles get more sleep time. WIN!

5. Meanwhile other dating apps are just not having it! Inka kaam bhi Twitter ko sambhalne do.

6. Cries in Single! 😭



7. Twitter what is this behavior?


8. *Crickets*


9. Singles leaving for another planet!

10. Until eternity?

Netizens and their love for making memes is just endless.


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