Maryam Nawaz Went Toy Shopping With Her Granddaughter On Video Call & OMG So Cute!

Maryam Nawaz granddaughter
Image Source: Sania Ashiq Twitter screengrab

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s toy shopping on video call with granddaughter Serena has gone viral on the internet.

Reportedly, she stopped at a rest area on her way back to Lahore from Bahawalpur, where she spoke with her granddaughter on video call to show her what she’d bought for her, and asked her what else she wanted.

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While baby talking with Serena, Nawaz says, “I got red chips for you. You want to s(h)ee?”

She then headed over to a wall where a doctor’s set was hanging and asked her granddaughter,

“Look, look at this doctor’s set Serena. You want this one? You want the doctor’s set or do you want the bus?”


Maryam Nawaz retweeted Sania Ashiq, PML-N member’s video tweet sharing the pleasure of being a ‘nano’ and so cute!

Tweeples under the tweet unanimously shared how cute the video was and how being a grandparent was pure joy!

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In a later tweet, while taking a swipe at Pervaiz Rasheed, Maryam Nawaz shared how Rasheed ate one of her store-bought munchies that she had gotten for her granddaughter!


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