The Laughing Colors


Photography is not just about capturing scenes. In fact it’s about capturing moments that have the ability to define and give meaning to life. The kids you see in the picture don’t want an iPad or an iPhone. They don’t even know what these gadgets stand for and are yet to familiarize themselves with the world of social media. Like most of us they are not after likes on Facebook or require an introduction to the Snapchat filters. They don’t even play video games on internet.

However, if compared to any one of our display pictures their smile is far more genuine and hence, contagious! They see the true colors of life. Despite, still being in their childhood they know what it’s like to struggle with family and for family. What it’s like while playing with siblings and that too without the fear of the clothes getting dirty. These kids show us that life is not in the material things we run after and that there is no point finding happiness through technology. As a matter of fact satisfaction and happiness comes with sharing time and space with friends and those whom we love. Life did exist when there were no smart phones and branded clothes and will continue to do so with or without them!

One finds joy, not in the big victories rather in small gestures. Accepting who you are and coming to terms with what you have and then being happy with everything you got is what makes this journey worthwhile.

If you intend on seeing what joy and happiness really feels like? Look at the smiling faces of the children in the park. They do not over think and worry about what happens tomorrow. They just laugh and play for as long as they can and once they are tired they know its bed time and that they need to sleep. As adults, wouldn’t we be happy if we somehow learn to live our lives in a similar manner?