UK Prime Minister Experienced An Umbrella Malfunction, Leaving Prince Charles Laughing

Boris Johnson Umbrella
Source: The Mirror

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson publicly struggled with an umbrella on a rainy day in Staffordshire, leaving Prince Charles laughing. This added some unexpected humor to a sad ceremony.

The Prime Minister was attending a ceremony honoring police officers who had died in the line of duty. Boris Johnson chose to sit next to Prince Charles, who was under a huge black umbrella.

After attempting to open his umbrella, the prime minister paused and gave it to Home Secretary Priti Patel, who was sitting in the row behind him.

Boris Johnson Umbrella
Source: Reuters

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People then shared their amusement on social media. Some have compared him to Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean, well known for his clueless, goofy attitude.

“Boris Johnson trying to use an umbrella works too well with a Mr Bean laugh track…”

“The Boris Johnson School of Umbrella Usage”

“I feel like Boris Johnson will be prime minister forever because he provides the Mr. Bean type pantomime of humiliation that the English really love.”

Boris Johnson was caught in a battle with an umbrella this afternoon when it was blown inside out in bad weather. The Prime Minister shared a laugh with Prince Charles, who looked on in amusement as he managed to hang onto his brolly.