If You Watch One Video Today, Make It Omar Farooq’s Talk.Team Video On Toxic Masculinity Following The Zahir Jaffer Case

Omar Farooq Instagram Video On Misogyny
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Omar Farooq has explained toxic masculinity following the Zahir Jaffer case and has portrayed misogyny in Pakistan in the perfect manner possible. Misogyny is identified as a major issue across the country after numerous cases of sexual assault and harassment survivors emerged during the last few years. Millions of people sharing their experiences with sexual assault and harassment.

The names Noor Mukadam and Zahir Jaffer have spread across Pakistani news and social media, since the 27-year-old young lady was discovered decapitated at home in Islamabad, focusing attention on the country’s terrible record of tackling violence against women.

There are news of children and women abused, raped, and harassed at work and in public places.

Source: Samaa TV

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Content Creator Omar Farooq explains misogyny in Pakistan and how women have their own rights. It’s the men’s duty to support them in whatever way possible.

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In the video Omar Farooq asks men, “How many of you have lost your cool at your partner or somebody else, and broken something or smashed something against the wall, intimidated a woman, pushed them into a corner, spoken to them in a loud voice or threatened them with a raised fist?”

He also demanded, “From one man to the other, this needs to stop.”

Barriers are very important and so is the ability to walk away from an abusive situation. Not every debate is worth fighting over. As men, it is our job to lower our gaze and remain within our barriers. I hope we can all improve and learn from this amazing video by Omar Farooq.