British Woman Cycles To Pakistan, & Is In Awe Of OUR Hospitality!

British woman cycle Pakistan
Image Source: Independent Urdu

A British woman named Claire arrived in Pakistan on a cycle in 2019. She has so far cycled across 20 countries in a span of six years and is currently residing in Lahore.

British woman who came to Pakistan on a cycle
Image Source: Twitter

I came to Pakistan in 2019 over the Khunjerab Pass from China and cycled the Karakoram Highway through Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, and down towards Islamabad.

The 52-year-old woman is originally from Wales, who likes to paint and is immensely fond of social welfare work. She set out on a world tour in 2015 on her cycle that she likes to call “Black Beti” or black daughter since it was completely black in color.

British woman on a cycle in Pakistan
Image Source: Twitter

On her way to Khunjerab Pass, she met with a Pakistani man named Mr. Khan, who got her cycle covered with truck art once she told him about her love for it. She now likes to call the bicycle “beti, queen of the mountains.”

Claire told Independent Urdu how she was touched by Mr. Khan’s hospitality who paid for the paint job.

Beti queen of the mountains
Image Source: Independent Urdu

Now I have this gift from my dear friend, Mr. Khan, and a permanent souvenir of Pakistan, she said.

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The British woman who came to Pakistan on a cycle said that she self-funds her voyages.

When I run out of money, I look for a job. Especially the job of teaching English in children’s school.

Speaking about her journey to Pakistan, Claire said that it wasn’t an easy one. However, she absolutely loves the mountains here and the hospitality that Pakistanis are famous for worldwide.

One of the things I like most about Pakistan is the mountains are so majestic, she said. And, of course, people are the most hospitable people so far on the planet, I think.

Claire also loves how Pakistanis can have a dance party anywhere. All they have to do is park their cars in the corners of the streets, turn the radio on and start dancing. Especially the men.

Claire, British woman came to Pakistan on a cycle
Image Source: Twitter

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