An Indian Woman, Harjas Sethi’s Rant About Returning To The Office For Work Hits Home

Harjas Sethi rant
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An Indian woman, Harjas Sethi took to her Instagram to rant about returning to the office for work after months of working from home, and it is both hilarious and relatable.

As the pandemic began, many workplaces switched to remote work to cope with the increasing cases and also to keep the infection at bay. It has almost been a year since millions of employees have been working from home — and they have gotten pretty comfortable with it too. However, with the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine and a dip in the coronavirus cases, offices are beginning to reopen. With this, the employees are being asked to return to work even though they are not really happy about it. One such unhappy worker documented her grief in a video that is now going viral.

Captioned as “Mere dil ka dard,” Harjas Sethi tells how she has received an email from the HR department that has asked about her opinion on resuming work from the office. “Meri rooh kaamp rahi hai (I shake at the thought of going back to work),” Ms. Sethi says, after which she questions the logic behind this ordeal.

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She continues her complain saying, “Everyone is happy, your revenue is increasing, you are saving on transport costs and other facilities.” “Why are you doing this to the poor employees?”

Sethi backs her opinion by saying that her life had just started to get better. “Abhi abhi toh mere dark circles gaye hain, meri zindagi mein raunakein aayi thi aur ab meri tanning gayi hai toh tum aisa kar rahe ho (I just got rid of my dark circles, got my life back on track and got rid of my tanning, and now you are doing this to me),” Sethi whines.


Ho na paayega (it won’t be possible),” she laments referring that she has gotten used to living in her pajamas and the WFH (work from home) situation.


There were many on the internet who could absolutely relate to her.

What’s your opinion? Are you team WFH or not?