IAF Wing Commander, Abhinandan Praises Pakistan Army In A Newly Released Video

Abhinandan Pakistan Army
Image Source: Twitter

A new video of IAF Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman has been released on the internet, two years after his capture by the PAF (Pakistan Air Force), where he can be heard praising the Pakistan Army for their chivalry and professionalism.

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“I find the Pakistani Army a very fine professional force and very chivalrous. I am very impressed by the chivalry which has been displayed by the Pakistan Army.”

It has been two years since the PAF shot down Abhinandan’s aircraft on 27th February 2019, and captured him. He was later returned to India after a day and a half of captivity on order of PM Imran Khan as a gesture of peace.

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IAF Pilot starts off by narrating how he saw both the countries while landing down in a parachute. He furthered that he could not tell the difference between the two countries as both of them are equally beautiful while adding that coming down, he had no idea which country he was in, as the locals look the same as well.

Remembering the scenes that led to his capture, the wing commander says that he was severely injured when he landed and some of the Pakistanis tried to capture him, i.e. when two army men saved him from the mob and took him in their captivity.

He tells how the army men took him to the unit and treated his wound with much care and professionalism.

Abhinandan has been appreciative of the care Pakistan Army displayed towards him in previously released footage as well.

The Indian professional also expressed that he sees no point in Pakistan-India hostility, adding that he doesn’t know how peace can be achieved but he still insisted that it should prevail between the two neighboring countries.

While concluding he stressed that We can live in peace.