Remembering Zubaida Apa Through Her 5 Most Helpful Totkay


Last night Pakistan lost one of its most iconic television personalities, Zubaida Tariq – or as everyone endearingly called her, Zubaida apa.

After spending the greater part of her life as a homemaker, Zubaida apa became a household name in the late 1990’s when she started making guest appearances on a cookery show aired on NTM. Impressed with the overwhelmingly positive feedback her guest appearances were garnering, she was soon given her own show to host.

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Over the last 20 years, Zubaida apa became one of those rare uncontroversial television personalities who was loved across the board by people belonging to all segments of the society. She was a master chef and virtually the queen of totkas (i.e. life hacks). If you had a problem, she had a simple, organic and lasting solution for it.

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With her passing away an era has certainly come to an end. However, her helpful legacy lives on, giving us a lot to be thankful to her and remember her by.

The Weight Loss Dilemma

There is no household where at least one overweight or obese person is not struggling with weight woes. True to her love for organic solutions, Zubaida apa had a simple tip for anyone who wanted to lose weight without resorting to starvation.

Home Remedy For Dry Cough

Now this is one totka that I, myself have tried and it’s worked wonders to sooth the seasonal dry cough that is part and parcel of winters in Islamabad.

Tea Stain Removal Tip

In a country where tea is literally considered staple food, tea stains on clothes is an ongoing struggle. Many had written off tea stains as permanent until Zubaida apa came up with this simple solution that became a game changer – at least in my house!

How To Reduce Swelling 

While Zubaida apa always insisted to her viewers to get long-standing physical issues examined by the doctor, she also shared home remedies that could provide temporary relief. Here’s one that is helpful for unwelcome swelling in the feet and other parts of the body.

How to Keep Those Rice from Becoming Sticky

I love my rice non-sticky and danedaar. As a wannabe chef myself, I always dreaded making rice, for in my quest to keep them from becoming sticky, I would either over-cook or under-cook them.

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I owe a great deal to Zubaida apa for this particular tip that’s made me love the rice that I cook.

Thank you Zubaida apa for all that you’ve taught us. Some will remember you as the great chef that you were, others as the mistress of spices; still others will recall you as the ever helpful superwoman laced with life hacks. Me? I’ll always remember you as a my ustaad. For this once clueless boy could never have found his way through the kitchen had you not been there to guide him.

Love. Always!