Life of an Introvert (Part 2)

Life of an Introvert (Part II)

In one of my previous articles I had discussed at length some of the advantages introverts like myself can enjoy. However, everything has a flip side to it so here is a list of some disadvantages that introverts have to face owing to their personality type.

  1. Career Problems

Since introverts generally avoid limelight they are unable to promote themselves where they really need to. This means that they miss out on opportunities and hence, struggle to find recognition for their work.

  1. Limited Connections

In a society like Pakistan where connections can prove to be a life line; an introvert is bound to suffer because of his/her habit of not interacting with too many people. Moreover, in relationships introverts prefer quality over quantity however, when it comes down to practical life every connection is important and can come in handy at any given point in time.

  1. The Constant Need to Refuel

Group activities, parties and meetings are an important way of building connections and securing significant business deals. Even if an introvert manages success somehow in social gatherings, his/her desire for loneliness to refuel and energize again is a constant obstacle that hinders growth to a certain degree.

  1. Over Thinking

Planning stuff comes naturally to introverts but they also have this tendency of over thinking things which in result leads them towards disorders associated with anxiety. Moreover, over thinking can also lead them towards sabotaging a perfect plan and hence, self-destruction.

  1. The Embarrassment of Day Dreaming

We are all caught talking to ourselves at least once in life. However, in case of an introvert this can happen on a regular basis. Introverts need to talk to themselves to calm themselves down and see how things are going along.

Still, you can’t consider other people to be at fault for confusing you to be some sort of a psychopath when they find you talking to yourself every now and then.

  1. Rude? Me? Really!

Introverts owing their nature are bound to invite criticism at some point. More often than not co-workers and other people around them misunderstand their reserve attitude and consider them to be proud and rude.

This can lead towards further isolation however, if you really are an introvert is it not a good news?