Life of an Introvert (Part 1)

INTROVERT - Might Not Say Much But Has a Universe Inside His Head

The year was 2009 and I was desperate for a break. Extremely tired I said to a colleague of mine in the office, “It has been a while. I think I am in need of a break now. I should ask the supervisor to allow me a week away from work.”

The colleague replied, “An entire week? What do you plan to do?”

I replied back, “Sleep and watch movies.”

The colleague seemed a little confused and asked, “Really! Are you an introvert?”

I responded, “Yes!”

For the obvious reason there were no more questions and the conversation ended then and there. We all know that introverts tend to be reserve and prefer solitary behavior unlike many other people around them. Here is a list of some advantages that introverts like myself enjoy.

  1. Loneliness Doesn’t Bother

Most introverts are better off once they are allowed to work on their own. For them this helps because there is no stress of communicating every action to a certain group within a social setting. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of making friends with coworkers; it’s just that this is how they are more comfortable and hence, more productive.

Similarly, even over the weekends introverts do not mind some time alone as it helps them to reorganize their thought process and refuel themselves for the coming week.

  1. Need a Few Friends Only

Introverts require time to open up with people. Moreover, they are generally on the look out for sincere and long term relationships. It is because of these reasons that they have limited friends and connections and they don’t really have a problem with it.

  1. No Party, No Problem

Introverts are better off expressing themselves in a one on one meeting and group activity of any nature can aghast them fast. Therefore, the news of a cancelled meeting or a party does not bother them; quite on the contrary, they feel relieved!

  1. Here is a Plan

Introverts have a deep thinking nature and hence, planning stuff comes naturally to them. As a matter of fact, they feel relaxed as long as they have a plan even if the circumstances aren’t very encouraging.

  1. The Art of Day Dreaming

Introverts are masters at day dreaming. Ask them and they will tell you that we are all creative but it is just that we need to day dream a little more. I know it sounds absurd but day dreaming really helps in thinking outside the box. Moreover, it can also motivate you to understand what you really desire and allow you to take actions accordingly.