LGS 1a1 Hosted The Lahore Round Of World Scholar’s Cup And We’re Loving The Infectious Enthusiasm Of These Young Pakistanis

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

The year was 2007 and World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) had just made a start with students from Korea, Singapore and the United States. Ever since, WSC has evolved into a mega tournament reaching out to young people in dozens of countries across the globe. Through World Scholar’s Cup,  Daniel Berdichevsky, its founder, hopes to rise above the constraints of conventional academic competitions and provide students with an opportunity to not just demonstrate their existing skills but also discover new ones.

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This year the Lahore Round of World Scholar’s Cup was hosted by LGS – 1a1, (a branch of the esteemed, Lahore Grammar School). More than 320 students from various schools participated in the tournament.

As they say, nothing is true unless first an orientation takes place! The wonderful teachers receive an adjudication training by WSC’s trainer, Joseph.

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

Wow! Look at the lovely young faces in the opening plenary!

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

For two straight days, every nook and corner in Lahore Grammar School 1a1 was occupied by brooding, bright stars!

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

They’re future leaders and they’re everywhere!

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

The MCQ Round tested the students’ knowledge on 6 subjects. These included, Science, Art and Music, Literature, Social Studies, Economics and Human Relationships.

LGS World Scholar's Cup

The adrenaline pumping prep-session before debates! We can literally smell the competitive energy of these we-mean-business kids!

LGS World Scholar's Cup

Of course, at the end of the two days, winners were announced and next steps for the champions were spelled out!

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

LGS 1a1 won the first prize in both senior and junior categories.

LGS 1a1

LGA 1a1

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of the parents, volunteers and most importantly, the teachers!

Ms. Sundoss and team, you guys are heroes!

LGS 1a1 Sundoss Shad

The global rounds will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Melbourne. The winning teams from LGS 1a1 will be participating in the globals at Kuala Lumpur later this year.

Lahore Round Of World Scholar's Cup

The Lahore Round of World Scholar’s Cup was a welcome reminder that Pakistan is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. We certainly need more such global tournaments to give our brilliant, young students global platforms to prove their mettle.

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Two thumbs up, Lahore Grammar School and team World Scholar’s Cup!


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