3 Muslim Behaviours That Show We Suffer From An Ideological Crisis

Muslim behaviours
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The pre-independence history of Pakistan as well as international events such as the Afghan War in the 1970s and 9/11 in 2001 have made way for an ideological crisis in Pakistan. As a result, we neither fully embrace the Islamic values nor accept the norms of the secular world. Ironically, our biggest problem is that we do not want to accept that we suffer from such a phenomenon!

I write to raise the issue and look to identify only three out of the many behaviours that explain the ideological crisis that we as a society suffer from in Pakistan.

Love Indians in a Film, Hate Them in a Cricket Field!
Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar
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Pakistan just hates losing to India during a cricket match and vice versa is what everyone knows. Still, it is just mind boggling that a nation that ends up devastated in case of a loss to their arch-rival in the cricket field actually, doesn’t mind watching an Indian movie or two within hours after the defeat to do away with the dejection!

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Now I’m not asking you to hate Indian cinema, I’m just asking you to “hate” a little less generally!

Hate Pork but Don’t Mind Riba!
Pork Haram
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Pork and Riba (or interest) are both haram (i.e. forbidden) in Islam. In case of pork we behave like “good” Muslims and avoid even going close to it. In case of Riba however, it is different. Our entire economy runs on it the same way it does in the secular world.

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Hence, we are confused and choose to behave like Muslims when the commandment is easy to follow and choose to entirely ignore our Muslim identity when a given commandment is not our cup of tea.

When it Comes to a Second Marriage Scenario For Men or Women We are Neither a Muslim Nor a Secular Society!
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A man’s right to have four wives is well recognized in Islam. However, unlike a Muslim society men find themselves in trouble in most parts of the country in case they choose to marry more than once.

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On the hand and in case of a widowed or a divorced woman both Islam and the west recognize her right to get married again. However, there are many regions across the Muslim world where such a practice is frowned upon and hence,  when it comes to a second marriage scenario we choose to go by the outdated traditions of the sub-continent that are neither in line with the teachings of Islam nor with what is being followed by the secular world.

I hope someday we become aware enough to choose a definite path that allows our future generations less confusion and more clarity.