Hear, Hear! These Are The Types Of Silence That Can Hurt Your Relationship

Types of Silence That Can Hurt Your Relationship

It is only obvious that relationships can neither prosper nor survive without communication. Nevertheless, there are times when remaining quite and allowing the other partner their space helps in moving forward and calming things down particularly, following a disagreement that takes place for any given reason. However, too much of silence is bound to spell trouble at some point and therefore, I write to identify 3 types of silence that can hurt your relationship.

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Remaining Silent Out of Fear

Silence out of fear

When one or both partners make it a habit of remaining silent on pressing issues owing to any given fear, it is a sign of a massive storm that is just around the corner. I say this because fear is a negative emotion that makes way for impulsive behavior and other unconstructive emotions such as frustration, anger and vengeance etc.

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When Silent Treatment Becomes a Norm

Silent treatment

Silent treatment perhaps, works best when you want to hurt an individual or make them miss you particularly, if you feel you were being taken for granted.

However, it is unhealthy when silent treatment becomes a norm in a relationship. Such behavior makes way for a massive communication gap which results in misunderstandings that eventually, sabotage a relationship. Moreover, there is obviously no point protecting a relationship where one or both partners find regularly hurting one another with silent treatment to be a normal thing.

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Having Nothing to Say At All

Whether it is a depressing event or it is just that you know one another so well that the whole thing has become boring; whether you are still in a relationship or dealing with a break up, you know it is just over when you have nothing left to say. Consider counseling if you find yourself in such an unwanted situation especially, if you are still together or if you feel that your relationship is still worth the effort.

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Always remember that a lack of communication always hurts a relationship however, it is even more dangerous when silence becomes a part of how you deal with your partner on a routine basis.