IBA Karachi Photoshopped Masks & Guys Don’t Be Like Them!

IBA Karachi
via Twitter @@huzaifarafiq

It seems Pakistanis have made peace with the “new normal” that is the COVID19 pandemic and people have begun returning to their daily routines as usual. But the threat is still very real as the daily number of cases in the country stands at an average of around 2000.

Recently, IBA Karachi posted a photo and people were quick to point out that they had – and yes, it’s true – photoshopped(!) masks onto the faces of those posing in the picture.

IBA Karachi and Bank Alfalah Islamic joined hands to announce five scholarships for undergrad students and their representatives had gathered to sign the agreement.

But what caught public’s eye was the fact that the picture was photoshopped to add masks!

Funny, right?

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Soon, the picture went viral and now people are trolling the premier institute for being irresponsible!

Leave it to us desis to not follow the rules and figure out jugaars later!

Oh man,Thanks for giving me this business idea!

Guess, I’m already on it!


Lol, why not wear masks in the first place?!

Yeah, I actually had to check if someone was dragging them for no reason but…

Hats off to the logic!

Digital age, digital solutions!

Guys, don’t be like IBA and follow the SOPs whenever you go out!