Salman Ahmad Trolled Bilawal & People Are Disappointed With The Rock Star

salman ahmad bilawal
Source: Images Dawn

Salman Ahmad, founder and long time guitarist for the band Junoon is very active on Twitter and is often cited trolling opponents of his friend, Prime Minister Imran Khan on the micro-blogging website.

We all troll, yeah? Nothing extraordinary with that, you say?

Ahhh..well think again!

Because this particular tweet by Salman Ahmad trolling Bilawal has earned him a huge amount of wrath and his forever fans are now ashamed of him!

And let me stress: For all the right reasons!

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Pakistanis are now canceling Salman Ahmad after he tweeted an offensively photoshopped picture of Bilawal!

It was unbelievable coming from an icon such as him!

What’s the point he’s trying to make here, anyway?

Yes, sharamnak to say the least!

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Not much of a sufi, is he now?

Yup! No one would’ve batted an eyelid had the rocker stuck to criticizing Bilawal’s politics. But to make personal attacks using doctored images? Why stoop that low? Like, WHY?

The rock guitarist has lost it all!

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Salman Ahmad will never be the same for many of us again!

You see it’s one thing to criticize a politician and call him/her out for their follies. But stooping this low, a rookie mistake indeed!

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