13 “You’ve Downloaded The Wrong Ertugrul” Memes That’ll Leave You ROFL-ing!

ertugrul memes

Oh well! No one can beat desis in their meme game, not even Dirilis: Ertugrul! And so these memes are even better than the series itself.

13 “You’ve downloaded the wrong Ertugrul” memes that will definitely make your day!

1. The Ertugrul scene exclusively for Pakistanis by Pakistanis!


2. I bet you’ve already watched this episode!

Haven’t you?

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3. Introducing the man who gave Ertugrul horse riding training sessions!


4. This kid >>>>> Ertugrul

No one can argue otherwise!

5. A rare visual of Ertugrul and his soldiers practicing for the fights ahead!

6. You’re a true Ertugrul fan if you’re done with this part already!


7. Okay if this ain’t Ertugrul then who is it?


8. Now this is the episode we all were praying for in our hearts!

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9. Umm, okay now I’m actually confused!

10. And all this time I thought I was done watching the season!


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11. Okay, I’ma go cry now!

How can this not be the right one???

12. Here’s a BTS video that no one has seen before!

13. Ugh, Finally! Found the right one!

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