You’re NOT A True Islamabadi If You Don’t Do These 5 Things!

True Islamabadi Osama Khalid Butt

Being an Islamabadi isn’t about being born in Islamabad or just living in Islamabad. It’s a passion that is embraced by those who have been socialized in and adhere to the unwritten code of conduct that only true Islamabadis follow.

As the city grows and people from other cities and towns migrate to Islamabad, a lot of real Islooities are left feeling that true “Islamabadism” is quickly becoming lost along the way, making people like me dearly miss the 80s and 90s.

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About 15 – 20 years ago, it took a lot more personality to be recognized as an Islamabadi, as opposed to today when simply being born here somehow allots one the privilege.

So, dear boys and girls, read the attributes of a true Islamabadi and decide for yourself if you fit the bill.

True Islamabadis Mind Their Own Business 

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The best thing about the people of Islamabad is that they mind their own business. I am sure everyone thinks they are that way but they are not!

Only a true blood Islamabadi can identify how rapidly this attribute has been decreasing lately. But like I said before, we are talking about the true Islamabadi passion and the people who believe in keeping their identity alive will always mind their own business.

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They won’t care how others are dressed.

It won’t matter if they are having coffee with a girl or a guy.

To a true Islamabadi it doesn’t matter if you are smoking, no matter what your gender is!

Simply put, Islooites live and let others live!

We Don’t Litter

Clean-up campaign Islamabad
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Islamabad was always a clean city. Along with a (previously) efficient CDA, the credit also went to its residents.

So accustomed were the people of Islamabad to a clean surrounding that a decade ago we wouldn’t have dared to litter in public or anywhere for that matter!

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Unfortunately, heaps of garbage are beginning to show their ugly faces in various parts of the city and I blame, “Fake Islooites”  for not respecting the city’s “No litter rule.”

Day is to Work – Night is to Sleep
Melody Food Park
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This is probably what people from other cities have either complained about or mostly have used to make fun of us. We sleep at night and we do that on time!

Well, I don’t see anything wrong in going to bed on time and not roaming around on the roads aimlessly. Let’s face it, this is simply living a disciplined life.

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Parties are only for the weekends and we are really happy the way we are; thank you very much!

Driving Habits 
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One of the best things about Islamabad is perhaps its sparsely crowded roads that attract close to NO traffic jams even during peak hours.

True that traffic is drastically increasing in Islamabad and we do find ourselves in trouble once in a while but still it isn’t to a level where it can be called bad.

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This has a lot to do with people’s good driving sense. We believe in giving way and acknowledging that we aren’t the only ones on the road. We don’t drive like crazy maniacs and (mostly) follow the traffic rules.

We don’t jump red lights and the funny part is that when we see someone breaking a traffic law, we often end up giving him/her a piece of our mind!

Our Positive Attitude Is Our Best Asset

Hamza Ali Abbasi True Islamabadi

This is by far my personal favorite from the list of qualities that true Islamabadis possess.

By attitude I don’t mean anything negative, its just an overall impression of the personality. We are always patient no matter what situation we are in. We are down to earth and friendly. We are very open when it comes to meeting new people and know how to bring someone in the comfort zone.

It is like we are in a happy funk all the time and it makes us different from everyone else!

Sooooooo…are you a true Islamabadi? Which quality did you most relate to?