Nawaz Sharif Turns To Facebook Following Media Blackout – Watch Video


Nawaz Sharif’s third term as the Prime Minister of Pakistan began with political agitation from Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and untimely ended with the Supreme Court barring him for life from holding any public office following his involvement in the Panama scandal.

Despite all that has gone down in the last four years, the three-time Prime Minister is clearly in no mood to bow out of the race just yet. While he cannot legally contest the upcoming polls, Sharif quite obviously wants his party to return to power.

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For this reason, he is seen trying his hands at virtually everything from media appearances to public rallies and now even social media interactions.

Sharif’s social media debut of sorts comes at the heels of an alleged, unprecedented media blackout of him and his political party, which by the way is ironically still in “power.”

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The former Prime Minister begins the video by simply stating, “My name is Nawaz Sharif and I belong to PML-N.”

He then goes on to share how he intends to remain in constant touch with his supporters through increased online interaction in the coming days.

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Watch the video to see all that Nawaz Sharif has to say to his supporters.