Wrap-up 2017: 7 Technology Advances & Innovations That The World Witnessed!

Image Source: The Verge

2018 is around the corner. The year 2017 had its fair share of ups and downs. But for me personally it has been exciting as technology goes more advanced as the time passes.

I often say, we living in the present makes us the most modernized civilization ever to exist. From Nintendo, Atari and Sega games to personal computers, from very slow dial up internet connections to fast broadband and 4G networks, from very brick heavy cellphones to curved screen smartphones, our generation has come a long way indeed.

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The advancement in technology has always been fascinating and mind blowing. Let’s see what innovations and technology updates we got in 2017.

1. iPhone X
iPhone X
Image Source: Http://www.apple.com

We can start with our Apple fans. iPhone X is the latest cellphone from Apple which was designed, developed and marketed by Apple.Inc. The phone was announced in the mid of September, 2017.

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iPhone X is a showcase of Apple thinking what technology of the future looks like. The phone comes with adopting OLED screen technology; the most exciting feature is the face recognition which is a method to authenticate the phone’s user by scanning the user’s face.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Image Source: Http://www.gsmarena.com

When discussing a phone from Apple, we can’t leave Samsung behind as both the companies go head to head with their flagship phones.

The Note 8 has an improved processor and graphics for the optimum performance and user experience. 6 GB RAM means the phone will never slow down on a user. The Note 8 has a more attractive shape and sleek design. It comes with a 12 Megapixel dual camera. One camera functions as a wide-angle lens and the other as a telephoto lens.


They have also increased the sensitivity of the S-pen which also comes with upgraded software for a better performance.

3. Hover Bike
Hover Bike
Image Source: Http://www.newatlas.com

Did I just say Hover Bike? Yes, I did indeed. Believe it or not, but an inventor from New Zealand Chris Malloy has come up with a concept of a hover bike.

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His initial design of the hover bike was made open to public in 2017 showcasing a dummy person flying around. The development and design are so close to perfection that the US Technological Company Service Engineering is testing to use it for military purposes. The same prototype is currently being tested in Britain with a human pilot however they have not yet cleared it for manned flight.

4. Magic Cube
Magic Cube
Image Source: Http://www.celluon.com

The Magic Cube is a small, handy and one of its kind invention. It is a virtual project of your keyboard and mouse. Imagine just tapping your fingers on the table into shiny rays and moving your hand around to work on typing your document or chatting with a friend.

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It connects easily with the help of Bluetooth. It can connect with the latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It can also be plugged and played with the devices running Windows. It just takes hitting a button to get your device connected with the Magic Cube. It is very small in size and can easily be carried in the pocket or a laptop bag to use it wherever you want.

Even though the gadget has been around for years but they keep making it better and better every year. The price has been coming low as well and the latest model has been praised to have the best experience of a virtual projected keyboard.

5. Logitech G920 Driving Force
Logitech G920 Driving Force
Image Source:Http://www.bsimracing.com

Driving Force is designed for the latest Xbox One console racing game titles. Logitech is so proud with the latest model of the racing console that they said “you may never race with a regular controller again after you experience G920 Driving Force”. G920 Driving Force also works on PC with selected titles using Logitech Gaming Software.

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The package includes a steering wheel with multiple controls, foot pedals, gear knob and a bucket seat. The racing experience is quite real as the sensitivity of the wheel, pedals and gear knob has been improved drastically.

6. Emporio Armani Connected
Emporio Armani Connected
Image Source: Http://www.livemint.com

The available Android Smartwatches in the market are at the same time a blessing and a curse. If we talk about the blessing then an additional screen for the phone, for all the notifications of the applications, the fitness routine and tracking and there is countless more to it.

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The negative side of a smartwatch is that it is difficult to use considering a very small screen and it comes with a very low battery life. But, Emporio Armani has a solution to the problems. They have come up with a Hybrid smartwatch which looks like a conventional watch and performs the perfect balancing act between a watch and a smartphone. The stainless-steel dial isn’t too big or massively thick when it’s around the wrist and the leather strap has a good feeling. It is a versatile smartwatch which you can wear to work and meetings, casual hangouts with friends or to formal dinners.

7. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

Bose Headphones 35 II
Image Source: Http://www.makeuseof.com

As headphones go, Bose guaranteed itself a hit as the company unveiled the Quiet Comfort 35. These new headphones feature Bose’s best-in-class noise cancellation and are capable of completely muting the surrounding sounds even if you are at the busiest market. It completely cancels the sounds around you as soon as your music starts playing, giving you the best music listening experience ever.

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These are the first Bose headphones to offer that peace and on-demand isolation wirelessly. The latest update in these headphones got a dedicated button for Google Assistance and at the same time the button can be programmed to do other functions.