Wondering What To Gift Your Dad? Here Are 11 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day!

Asif Raza Mir Ahad Raza Mir Gift Ideas For Father’s Day!
Source: Mangobaaz

We all see the passion and enthusiasm on Mother’s Day. Strangely, the same doesn’t happen on Father’s Day. There are hardly any social media posts, no heart touching status updates, no lunch or dining with the father, no gifts. What’s the point? Are mothers more important? Are the fathers doing something wrong?

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Well, if you agree that Father’s day deserves just as much love as Mother’s Day then here’s a reminder for you: It’s Father’s Day today!

Sp, let’s try to make today special for the men who raise and nurture us. Here are some gift ideas for you if you are planning to buy your father a gift.


Well, what can be a better gift than a brand-new cellphone. If your pocket allows then wrap a new iPhone or a Samsung and present it to your father on Father’s Day. Just make sure you know exactly about your father’s preferences. Don’t get him an Android phone if he is a fan of iOS and vice versa.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is my favorite gift on the list for Father’s Day. There are numerous designs available in the market these days but what we are referring to is an old school, supreme finish wooden rocking chair for a classy personality.

Of course, you can find inexpensive ones too, it all depends on your budget.

As great as this gift is it might be a tad hard to find it during Eid holidays.


A pair of latest Ray Ban or the forever green gold-plated Ray Ban aviator is one the coolest gifts a father can get.

However, Ray Ban isn’t the only option. You can also go for several other well known and recognized brands like Prada, Police, Kenneth Cole, Gucci, etc.

Tie and Cuff-links

If your father is fond of western wear then a set of tie and cuff-links is a good gift. It is also an affordable gift if you are on a tight budget. All you need to do is to pick the right color!

Wrist Watch

A wrist watch is also a good option for a gift. Just like the neck tie, it’s a gentleman’s gift and to find the right watch with the best shape and color is an art.

You also have a huge variety, starting from really low prices to extremely expensive ones.


Clothing is always a good option when picking gifts. A shirt or pants, a jacket or coat can do the trick.

Of course there are scores of branded and non-branded outlets offering a huge variety of Shalwar Kurtas too.

If your father is into old school of music then there are some very good T-shirts available in the market with Elvis Presley, Beatles etc. That could also make for a cool gift.


A cologne is always the best present regardless of the gender and as far as I’m concerned, it is an important part of a gentleman’s armor.

Either get him his favorite fragrance or introduce him to something new.

Gardening Tools

I recently watched a video on YouTube where a son and father were discussing their gardening tools and the son gifted his father a very shiny and fancy flower cutter, making his old man extremely happy!

So, if your father has serious interest in gardening and properly maintains the required tools then gifting him a tool to add to his collection would a good idea.

Mechanical Tools

So, while some dads are into gardening others are into fixing their own cars and bikes. Such fathers always get excited with new tools.

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So, if your father is a gear-head then find and gift him something for his garage, we can bet it will make his day!


It is all about what your father likes. If your father has a taste for books and still has a habit of reading then get him the latest best seller or ask around for recommendations to gift him a good read. A true reader will always cherish a gifted book more than anything else.

Shaving Kit

Shaving kit always makes the best gift especially in last minute situations.

However, please choose the right brand. A set of original Old Spice will certainly bring a big smile on your father’s face.

Do you have anything in mind that you would gift your father on this Father’s Day? Comment and share below: