Fatima Bhutto Posted A Throwback Picture With Her Father & We Can’t Help But Shed A Tear

Fatima Bhutto and Murtaza Bhutto
Source: Twitter / @fbhutto

It’s Father’s Day today and many are rightfully busy spending some quality time with their dads. However, there are also those who just have photographs to remember their fathers by.

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Fatima Bhutto, the elder daughter of late Murtaza Bhutto took to Twitter today to pay a truly heartwarming tribute to her father.

“In life, I was born luckiest of all to have the father I did. He was my whole family: my mother, father and best friend and it is his love that sustains me. Happy father’s day to the man who opened my eyes to all the joy and beauty of the world,” she wrote.

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Given the tragic life and death of Murtaza Bhutto, Fatima’s message was wonderfully painful on its own. However, what made our hearts go out to the Bhutto scion was the image that she tweeted alongside her words.

A mere child in the picture, Fatima wraps one arm around her gleeful old man while pointing at an unknown object of amusement with the other. The father-daughter seem completely consumed in this carefree, happy moment, oblivious to the calamity that loomed in the shadows.

Bhutto’s tweet puts life into perspective and makes us feel so much more thankful for having our fathers, still in our lives.