Usman Mukhtar Claps Back Like A Total Boss After Getting Trolled For Sarah Khan’s Wedding

usman mukhtar trolled
via Twitter @MukhtarHoonMein

Sarah Khan’s wedding has given the Pakistanis new wedding goals as they gush over their adorable proposal and then swift shaadi. While people were wishing Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan, some also trolled Usman Mukhtar and the reason is pretty hilarious.

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Many people poked fun at Usman Mukhtar pointing out that every actress that works with him, ends up getting married!

Sarah Khan and Usman Mukhtar are currently playing the roles of Miraal and Dr. Haris in the drama serial Sabaat.

Not just Sarah, people also brought up that even Naimal Khawar tied the knot after working opposite Usma Mukhtar in Anaa.

Pakistanis trolled Usman Mukhtar for being the Bengali Baba for female actresses!

All those girls wanting to get married are looking up to Usman now!

…or even a picture would do!

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But Usman Mukhtar hilariously clapped back at trolls and wrote that he’ll come as a solo in his next project so that he also ends up getting married.

“Aglay dramay mein solo aaoon ga, taakay meray bhi haath rang jaayein,” he wrote

And desis were ready to turn his response into a meme as well!