We Asked People What Skills They Learned During Lockdown & Here Are Their Answers

skills learned during lockdown sarwat gilani minal khan

It’s almost impossible to believe that we are actually in the fifth month of lockdown. While some are extremely annoyed and upset with the whole stay inside and no fun scenario, there are many who are loving and enjoying the lockdown and work from home situation to the fullest.

Truth be told, the lockdown does give us an opportunity of reviving lost hobbies, learning new skills or even polish previously acquired skills.

So, to see what people have been up to, we asked people what skills they learned or polished during the lockdown. Here’s what they shared with us!

As expected, improving cooking skills was on top of the list and the photos of the food certainly looked delicious.

We are proud of you too!


Reading is definitely a good way to utilize your time and gardening is a good skill.  Kudos!

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Boys also took this time to polish their cooking skills and the presentation of the salad looks amazing, dude!

Awww! This is just adorable. This lady has been learning to draw her son’s favorite cartoon characters to keep him entertained!


Now this is a really challenging situation!

Now this is an impressive one. This lady is learning languages. How cool is that?

If you are a professional then it is mandatory to have good communication skills. Good luck to this lady.

Ok, so lockdown isn’t treating some people very well. No wonder this guy has perfected his whining skills.

What new skills have you learned or polished during lockdown? Share in the comments!