Tweet Review: Arth – The Destination vs Rangreza

Arth - The Destination vs Rangreza

Two Pakistani movies released simultaneously this Thursday. While Arth – The Destination saw the biggest name in Pakistani entertainment, Shaan Shahid as both its leading man and director, Rangreza banked on the youthful energy of Bilal Ashraf and Urwa Hocane.

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Initial box office numbers suggest that both films are performing below expectations at the ticket counter with an average occupancy of about 50%. With these numbers, the films could really use some strong word of mouth to grow over the extended weekend.

And, as word of mouth goes, the most instant source is of course Twitter. Let’s see how Twitterati are treating both the movies.

Arth – The Destination

This is Shaan’s fourth directorial after Guns ‘n’ Roses – Aik Junoon, Mujhe Chaand Chahye and Moosa Khan. A departure from the super star’s action hero persona, Arth – The Destination was among the most anticipated Pakistani releases this year.

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Those who have seen Arth – The Destination are all praises for the strong performances.

Shaan remained the most important factor for the film with his fans going absolutely ga-ga over his performance.

Humaima Malik’s performance has also been particularly appreciated.

Mainstream media notwithstanding, we struggled to find very many bad reviews by the audiences. The only negative feedback we could find was by this fan, who probably missed the regular gun toting Shaan.

Word of Mouth Verdict

Going by what Twitterati have to say, Arth – The Destination is a wholesome package with stellar performances, great music and an overall impressive production value. Most of the cine goers seem most pleased with what they saw on the big screen.


The second movie that released this week was Rangreza. A musical drama, this film did not have the advantage of star power that Arth – The Destination enjoyed. However, both Bilal Ashraf and Urwa Hocane have a sizable following among the millennials and the producers banked on their youthful energy to pull young crowds to the theater.

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Performances remained a high point for the film. But among all the actors, it was Gohar Rasheed who received most love.

A lot of fans loved the story and the colourful treatment.

However, not all reviewers were kind to the film.

Word of Mouth Verdict

Although Gohar Rasheed seems to have garnered a lot of praise for his portrayal of Waseem, audiences generally seem unhappy with the film. The plot and direction have especially been on the receiving end of scathing tweet reviews.

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On our part, we’re yet to see these films and reserve our judgement for the full review. Watch this space for more updates!