Trust Us When We Tell You That These Three Things Look Good ONLY In Movies

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

Cinema in today’s globalized world plays a massive role in providing entertainment and in shaping perspectives. So powerful is this medium that some people forget that fiction should never be confused with reality.

Unwittingly, a lot of people try to replicate the thrill and glamour of the big screen in their own lives. More often than not this lands them trouble, making them learn things the hard way.

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So, no matter how big a movie buff you are, remember, these three things only look good in movies and not so much in real life.

New Born Babies

You see those really happy parents with a cute little newborn in every second movie and believe that to be true? Well! Reality is slightly different to say the least.

For a start by the time newborns arrive in most cases both parents are completely exhausted. Naturally, they’re not too excited about the fact that they will have to feed the baby every two hours and that he/she will need endless diaper changes too!

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And let’s be really honest, it takes a while before newborns begin to look cute! So, basically, during the first couple of months the parents put up with a little human being that is nowhere as attractive as the one we see in movies and wait for the baby to actually start looking and acting cute!

You see, movies make us think newborns look like this…

Newborn baby

But truth be told, the’re actually quite like this!

Running at the Airports

So, you’re one of those people who see loved ones running towards one another at the airport in a movie and begin to feel really emotional about it?

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Well! Trust me, airports and parks – not the same thing! Actual airports are laden with security officials who will allow you to run freely from one area to another only over their dead body!

Movies might have you believing that, running ecstatically all across the airport will lead you to this…

Jane tu ya jane na airport scene
Source: pinkvilla

But actually it will lead you to this!

jane tu ya jane na airport scene
Source: Youtube
Fight Sequences

A friend of my younger brother saw a few boys teasing a girl while he was still in his teenage. Since, he was watching a lot of movies those days he decided to defend the girl Bollywood Style.

Later, after being beaten black and blue he complained to my brother that the girl rushed away as soon as the confrontation began. But since he was doing something good he thought he was going to win the fight anyway.

There’s of course no harm in helping a person in need and indeed, it’s your honest intervention that truly makes you a hero. However, get hold of some back-up or cops to deal with a precarious situation. Don’t just rush into a potentially violent episode equipped only with enthusiasm and a good heart!

Always remember fight sequences look good in movies ONLY. In real life fighting goons can land you in trouble big time and that too within a few minutes!

We get that in your head you think you’ll tackle the goons like this…

Fighting scene from film

But actually once they’re done beating you up, you’ll actually be looking like this!