These “Do More” Demands Have Ruined Many Relations!

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Over the last few months we have seen how Pakistan has been reacting to USA’s “DO MORE” mantra. It has become obvious that Pakistan now feels that no amount of effort is going to be enough to please the think tank of the world’s leading country. USA on the other hand feels that Pakistan never listens and hence, fails to deliver for what the country is being given aid for.

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The whole thing reminds me of certain relationships in life in which you are always expected to “DO MORE” and in which no amount of effort is ever enough to satisfy the party concerned. Here is a look at some of these relationships.

3. Student Teacher Relationship

Teacher Student Do More

You came to the class, you did your homework and your test results were perfect! Your teacher/course instructor appreciates you in front of everybody else and just when you expect them to treat you differently they give more homework and tell the entire class that they are confident that your assignment is going to be the best again!

There is no doubt that most teachers forget that the students they are dealing with are only human and that there is no point burning them out to the point where they refuse to “DO MORE”.

2. Husband and Wife Relationship

Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom

In case of a husband and wife it really depends on who has got the upper hand in the relationship. Still, whoever calls the shots at home is almost certain to expect the other partner to “DO MORE”.

The “DO MORE” demand begins to creep in a relationship, normally when either of the partners keeps ignoring a legitimate concern of the other, when there is a massive communication gap between both parties or when the relationship itself is abusive in nature.

1. Business Relationships

Clients Do More

We all dream of making money, a lot of money! However, for a person coming from middle class or below it only happens after years and years of effort and only after dealing with quite a few bosses or clients who while smiling keep asking you to “DO MORE”!!

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Business relationships hence, can be the most frustrating in this regard and perhaps the best of its kind that explain the love hate relationship between Pakistan and the USA.