If You Want To Be Happily Married, Stay Away From These Three Relationship Killers

If You Want To Be Happily Married, Stay Away From These Three Relationship Killers
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In most cases people are somehow able to close the chapter and move on with their lives even when a close relative dies. However, it can take much longer to recover following a failed relationship. Naturally, the loss in such a situation is also coupled with a sense of failure. This makes coping with an unsuccessful relationship among the most stressful experiences in life.

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Every relationship has its own dynamics and a combination of unique factors that contribute to its success or failure. However, there are certain things, which, if avoided can help any relationship flourish.

For any relationship to have a chance at success, it is extremely important to avoid these three things from hijacking love.

False Ego

In relationships there is little hope once false ego creeps in.

False ego generally makes way for an ugly love-hate relationship. It drives the two parties to a point where they no longer remain compatible.

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More often than not such unhealthy relationships either result in parted ways or an unwanted incident that goes onto haunt the two parties for the rest of their lives.

To avoid false ego from entering a relationship it is important that a couple gives up the idea of dominating. Instead, it would prove helpful to make necessary adjustments and keep channels of communication wide open. This is particularly important whenever a contentious situation arises. Instead of shying away from a real a conversation, a candid discussion can help remove misconceptions and avoid unnecessary resentment.


Whatever the reason may be it is almost impossible to lead a happy life with a person you don’t trust.

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For a relationship to work it is extremely important that both parties ensure a code of honesty. Living by this rule will automatically help both the partners to avoid doing stuff that they will have to hide from their partner.

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Relationships based on mutual trust have a much greater chance of survival compared to those where one or both partners are actively dishonest.

The Lack of Ability to Forgive

We are all human beings and hence, towards the end of the day we all make mistakes.

Relationships in which one or both partners have a problem forgiving are bound to be abusive at some point. This is especially troublesome when one or both partners feel hold grudges on trivial, everyday skirmishes.

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That said, the ability to forgive also depends on the nature and frequency of the offence. However, irrespective of the cause of contention, when two people consciously decide to look beyond the imperfection and live together, they must do so with a clean heart. You can’t be in a  relationship – well at least not for long – and unforgiving simultaneously.

If your heart and mind is truly invested in a relationship, let trivial matters slip and talk out the bigger issues. Living by these simple rules will, without a shadow of doubt, nurture a healthy relationship.