4 Things To Do In A Seth Ki Naukri!

Things to do in a Seth ki naukri

Private jobs are difficult anyway still, you are actually walking on eggshells if you are working for a Seth (urdu word used for a businessman/boss who is filthy rich, arrogant and unpredictable).  So, here is a look at 4 things to do in a Seth Ki Naukri or a Seth’s job in order to survive.

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4. Stay Away from Him for as Long as Possible

Stay Away

Hoping for a promotion or an increment in salary a lot of people try remaining close to their Seth employers and end up putting themselves at risk of losing the job. This happens because there is no end to a Seth’s exploitation and because there is no possible way you can please him.

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Hence, the better thing to do is to just work hard enough to ensure that you are able to keep your job and to avoid direct interaction to whatever extent possible. Moreover, don’t worry about leg pulling. Remember, the strategy is only possible for those who are close to the boss and eventually, it backfires because generally Seths have this habit of bullying those who are close in contact.

3. Let Go of the False Ego

Let go of your ego

Let go of your false ego especially, if you are desperate to meet ends. This because in most cases in a Seth’s office there is room to accommodate for only person’s ego and that obviously is the person who is running the entire thing.

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You are not likely to survive an entire month if you are an egoistic therefore, the only choice you have is to either let go of the job or your false ego.

2. Learn to Say No without Saying It


There is no doubt that a Seth can end up demanding something that is technically impossible to achieve. Still, never directly use the word “No”. Instead try rationalizing the entire thing and politely explain to the boss how much of the task is possible and how and why the remainder of the assignment cannot be completed. Also if possible try explaining how the concerned thing can result in the company’s loss. Thus, allow him to discard his decision rather than triggering his ego by refusing his orders point blank.

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1. Keep Looking for a New Job

Give yourself 6 months to a year and keep looking for a new job. Move on as quickly as possible and be prepared for a short-term compromise even it means working for an amount that is slightly less than what you are actually earning.

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Bear in mind there is no way you will be able to retain your peace of mind while working for a Seth and that you are at risk of losing your job anytime therefore, it is always better to find a place where you can grow both as a professional and build your credibility in the field that you are associated with.

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