A Shout Out: 8 Interesting Things Only Lazy People Can Relate To!

Things Only Lazy People Can Relate To

Last year a research found out that lazy people have higher IQ than active ones and hence, are rather more intelligent. Being a lazy person myself, I can totally vouch for this statement! Although referred as a weakness, laziness is nothing short of an art of living which helps human being in acknowledging the fact that why work hard when you can work smart. Our ability to get bored less easily sets us apart and keeps us entertained while we lie in our bed for hours doing nothing. One of the most common things only lazy people can relate to.

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I can already see active people moving on to other articles on the website by now. If you haven’t then either you are lazy or have the unleashed potential to be one. So without further ado let’s look at the 8 interesting things only lazy people can relate to!

1. You are capable of taking a nap anywhere, anytime. Also, a nap lasts for more than 2 hours and can go upto 12 to 16 hours depending on your skill level.

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2. You have spent half of your life reaching out for things without moving. Be it a remote control, a charger or a water bottle, you have what it takes to get hold of them without moving a millimeter. Add that to you CV comrade!

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3. Words like self-sufficient are not sufficient enough to express how you can spend your entire life using the objects lying within your 5 inches radius. The only reason why you are compelled to use resources outside your zone is nature’s call. Other than that, you deserve a PhD in resource management.

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4. You know your way around people because since a very young age you have had assistants in the form of siblings, cousins, friends, parents and even pets. So, you know how to make a person work for you which is an attribute of a leader. Way to go sunshine!

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5. You never get bored, never ever! You always have thoughts running in your mind like a hamster. For the world you may be looking at the ceiling fan for hours but in the meanwhile you must have discovered a planet of your.

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6. You can never be an ideal lazy person if you don’t know in which position to hold your body so that the eatables don’t fall off. Master the art honey!

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7. With laziness comes procrastination! Thus, last minute rush is a regular feature of your life. Getting your tasks done in the eleventh hour not only gives you thrill and improves your crisis management but also gives you a glimpse into all the untapped potential that the world may never get to see.

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8. With all these weapons in their arsenal, lazy people always have a rare kind of confidence that yells, “once I get done with my lazy time, it’s over for them b*tches!”


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