Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement Is What Wars Are Made Of

Donald Trump's Jerusalem Announcement

For most part of the year the rest of the world has had a jolly good time enjoying Donald Trump’s presidency from afar.

His border wall rhetoric, his unfair tax policy, his frantic moves to repeal Obamacare…well, they were all American problems. As long a the U.S President was not throwing unnecessary bombs our way, we didn’t quite mind the hell he was raising in his own backyard.

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Of course, every now and then he would send out a tweet or make a statement or sign a piece of paper that offended Muslims, or made people of colour very uncomfortable. But since most of his misinformed decisions were countered by the courts or the U.S Congress or other powerful world leaders, there was little reason to fret.

However, all through the year, we were so consumed with the free entertainment that Trump was providing through his ill-tempered tweets and his overall disgraceful demeanor that we forgot that he is in fact the President of the most powerful country in the world. We forgot that once he’s bored with screwing up the United States, he would come for the rest of the world.

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His bizarre comments and tweets about North Korea should have been a cause of alarm. But we’ve become so accustomed to not taking the current U.S President seriously that his verbal skirmish with Kim Jong Un was ignored in jest.

However, last evening President Donald Trump made the whole world finally come alive to the danger his unstable personality poses to global stability when he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Every U.S President – even the most conservative one – had shied away from validating Israel’s longstanding demand of acknowledging Jerusalem as its capital.

For decades opposing lobbies had been working towards a two-country solution. However, with Trump’s recent announcement, it seems the peace process in the Middle East has been dragged back many decades.

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When the most powerful political leader in the world takes sides so blatantly, there is little reason for the weak and persecuted Palestinians to expect an end to their tragedy marred life anytime soon.

However, it is not only the Palestinians who are visibly alienated after this announcement. The whole world, it seems shares the shock and horror of the Palestinian people after Trump’s Jerusalem comment.

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The most offended, are of course us, the Muslims.

But Muslims are not the only ones unhappy with Trump over the Jerusalem announcement. Liberal voices in the West have also come out to register their protest.

No matter how much the world protests and no matter how loudly it proclaims its support for the Palestinian people, the fact of the matter is that the powerful will always trump (pun intended) the powerless.

What is however, most enraging is the fact that peace is not an impossible dream. It is not a privilege only a select few should taste. Peace is a right. However, the rich and powerful, with their complete disregard to human suffering insist on making the achievement of peace a far fetched ideal.

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It breaks my heart – and my resolve – when one man’s stupidity snatches even the most fragile thread of hope away from millions of people over night.

As Nadeem Farooq Paracha put it this morning: