The Pakistani Winter’s Starter Pack

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After two days of continuous rain in Islamabad I can safely say that winter is here. While some find the season gloomy, winter in my opinion is the best season if you love eating, sleeping or both. However, what fascinates me more is how Pakistanis prepare for the cold spell. You will only know what I am talking if you have a look at the following list.

3. Quilts, Blankets and Warm Clothes Get to See the Light of the Day Quite Literally!
Quilts Laid Under The Sun In Winters In Pakistan
Quilts Laid Under The Sun In Winters In Pakistan Image Source:

As soon as the temperature drops, we see Pakistani mothers taking out warms clothes, quilts and blankets from the store which are then laid down under the sun on the terrace. This is a desi way of disinfection and no matter how much you pretend to despise this technique, deep down you know that it will work like a magic.

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So, three cheers to that Pakistani mom who came up with this genius and economical idea!

2. Streets Echoing With Peddlers’ Chants of “Garam Anday” (Hot Boiled Eggs) During Cold Nights
Pakistani Street Vendor
Pakistani Street Vendor Image Source:

With winter hitting the cities, a discernible upsurge can be seen in the number of hawkers usually selling Kahwah, chicken corn soup, boiled eggs and Kachaloos, peanuts and other dry fruits and that too everything hot and piping. The aroma of all these things is too good to be ignored I tell you!

1. Qarshi Johar Joshanda Makes a Strong Comeback Every Year This Time

Every TV channel starts playing ads of Johar Joshanda and the likes on repeat to the extent that it gets annoying. This not only highlights how winters are connected with cold and flu in Pakistan but also reinforces this idea in the minds of our Pakistani parents once again that Johar Joshanda is the solution to every illness; be it cold, flu, cough, headache, migraine, high/low blood pressure, sugar or to some extent cancer.

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Thus, every winter Johar Joshanda makes a successful comeback and the whole nation feels proud over the fact that they produced, “the Best of Asia”.