The German Ambassador To Pakistan Is The Coolest Foreign Diplomat In Town!

Martin Kobler

Like any other capital city, Islamabad hosts thousands of foreign diplomats from across the globe. While most stay away from the public eye and we never really get a chance to know much – if anything at all – about them, there are, however, a few who are not just diplomatically active but also make a huge effort to blend in with the locals.

If we were to draw up such a list, the German Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Martin Kobler would certainly rank at the top.

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A German foreign office veteran, Kobler has held key portfolios in the past, including that of the Special Representative, Head of United Nations Support Mission in Libya and Special Representative for the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a rather short period of time, Kobler has quickly won over the Pakistani people, raking in hundreds of followers every day on Twitter!

Why? Glad you asked!

He doesn’t just tweet, he also tweets in Urdu!

He’s not one of those diplomats who’re too scared of leaving the enclave and getting a feel of the real Pakistan.

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And while he’s at it, Martin Kobler has some pretty decent observations to make about the national airline.

He visits the slums, plays with underprivileged kids, mingles with the locals and genuinely seems to be having fun while doing it!

Once Martin Kobler sahab has completed his service in Pakistan, the Ministry of Tourism should seriously consider roping him in as one of its ambassadors.

Even his team is following his footsteps!

Have you seen Martin Kobler in Shalwar Kameez(?) – because he’s PULLING IT OFF!

He’s aware of the issues impacting Pakistan right now and he’s happy to help.

The German Ambassador to Pakistan is not without a sense of humour.

Martin Kobler has the best, most friendly smile that’s enough to win our hearts.

From all of us here at Bolo Jawan, Mr. Kobler: you’re not a diplomat, you’re a rock star!

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