These Swedish Guys Are Hugely Impressed With These 5 Facts About Pakistan

Robin & Jesper 5 Facts About Pakistan

So, by now you guys know that we at Bolo Jawan closely follow the journeys of a few YouTubers. For a Youtuber to hit the right chord with us, three things are extremely important.

One, of course the content. The content is the king! If what we see is fun and makes us crack the slightest smile, we’re sold!

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Two, humbleness. Soooooo important! We know it takes a whole lot of guts to just put yourself out there so there’s good reason to gloat once the hard work pays off. But we’ve seen a lot of Youtubers lose their charm down the line because they simply couldn’t handle the gift of good fortune. So, when someone, who can balance success and humbleness comes along, we treat their journey as ours and lavish them with all the praise that our vocabulary allows us.

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Finally, we absolutely love those who push their boundaries and before monotony threatens to hit, they come up with something completely out of their comfort zone. This attitude demands huge respect!

So, today just before dinner when I fell upon the latest video uploaded by Robin & Jesper, I decided to postpone my meal and share it with you all.

Why, you ask?

For starters it neatly fits into our criteria. This content made us smile, Robin & Jesper were at their humble best and the video was totally outside the comfort zone of not just these two but also their subscribers.


What’s It About?

In this video titled, “5 Interesting Facts About Pakistan” these two guys show their dedication to actually learning about another country and its culture.

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Only a few months ago Robin & Jesper practically knew nothing about Pakistan. But what started as a simple reaction to a movie trailer has now turned into a wonderful journey of exploration that has won them thousands of fans including high profile Pakistani celebrities like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi and Aima Baig.

For us, the video is more a gesture of love and respect than anything else.

What are the Five Facts?

Well, instead of outlining the five facts that they speak about, we would love for you to see the video for yourself!

And now because my empty stomach is growling incessantly, I’ll leave you to watch, “5 Interesting Facts About Pakistan.”

Don’t forget to let us know through your comments and reactions how it made you feel!